Customized English Tutoring

Customized English Lessons or Writing Tutoring


This option, commonly chosen by homeschooling families (but available to all families), is a partnership between myself and your family for private English lessons. If you are tired of teaching English to your child and need or want to take a subject off your plate, allow me to plan, prep, and teach your child English Language Arts. Components of customized English lessons include grammar, punctuation/conventions, literature, and writing. I will work with your family to design a complete English Language Arts program that meets your students’ needs for the school year. I homeschooled my children for 7 years, and I have experience teaching English Language Arts from grades 6-12 in the public school setting. I also have additional training in pre-AP English and hold a specialty certification from Whitworth University in Gifted Education. 

Students’ abilities, interests, and skills vary. Some students require a more challenging curriculum with complex literature and advanced writing assignments. In contrast, others need more practice with reading comprehension, inferences, and writing organization skills. In either situation, I can design a plan that will progress both your child’s skills and creativity with the English language.

English or writing tutoring students typically see me one hour per week. Students then receive additional reading and writing assignments to complete at home during the rest of the week. Please inquire through the contact page if you have more questions or would like to discuss this option.