​Reading Tutoring

Reading or dyslexia tutoring begins with either a dyslexia screening or a comprehensive academic assessment. I will work with you to determine which option is right for your child. The cost for a dyslexia screening is $75. The cost for a comprehensive academic assessment is $175. After completion of the academic assessment or screening and a parent discussion of resulting student strengths and weaknesses, reading tutoring begins at $60 per hour. Reading students will need to attend sessions twice a week, consistently, for a total cost of $120 per week.


Customized English Lessons or Writing Tutoring

Customized English lessons or writing tutoring also begins at $60 per hour. Homeschool English students or writing tutoring students are scheduled at one hour per week.


Homeschool Assessments

Annual homeschool assessments are provided for a one-time fee of $200 per assessment. Assessments include all areas of academics using a Buros approved test and meet all annual testing or assessment requirements for Washington State Home-based Instruction under Washington State law RCW28A.200.010 (3). Assessments take approximately 2.5-3.0 hours depending on the age of the child and also include a 30-minute parent meeting to discuss results. Please note that the switch to the updated WIAT IV test has resulted in a price increase for this service. The WIAT IV includes several additional new subtests and requires a longer testing period. It also produces a more comprehensive analysis of student strengths and weaknesses in all areas of academic skills and fluency.