Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What are your hours?

Summit Scholastics operates by appointment only. If space is available for new tutoring students or you are scheduling an assessment during the homeschool assessment season, I will work with you to find times that fit both our schedules. 


Are weekend tutoring sessions available?

Yes. Some Saturday appointment times are available for tutoring.


Reading and Dyslexia Tutoring FAQ

Why do you require an evaluation or assessment before beginning tutoring?

Good information informs good instruction. I require an evaluation before beginning reading tutoring to ensure that I understand student strengths and weaknesses and to create the most effective tutoring program possible based on individual student needs.


Why are two separate hours of reading tutoring required each week?

Two separate hours of instruction are required weekly to see progress with reading or dyslexia tutoring. I teach unique methods to remediate reading difficulties, and once a week sessions are not enough practice with these methods to transfer them to long term memory. Similarly, two hours all at once is too long for the shorter attention spans of students. Twice weekly sessions provide the best educational practices for reading remediation. Tutoring appointments may occur on back to back days (such as Wednesday and Thursday weekly) or may be separated by days (such as Monday and Wednesday weekly), but twice-weekly sessions are a requirement for reading tutoring students. 


Can you diagnose my child with dyslexia?

I am a trained and certified teacher, not a doctor or medical professional. I can give you my professional opinion as an educator, but I do not write official medical diagnoses for dyslexia. You may seek an official medical diagnosis from a neuropsychologist or a clinical psychologist who specializes in learning disabilities. I can refer you to these professionals if you so desire. At Summit Scholastics, my focus is not on full diagnostic evaluations, but on the daily educational remediation that dramatically impacts student achievement. 


Annual Homeschool Assessments FAQ

Who must complete annual homeschool assessments?

According to the Washington State Home-based Instruction laws under RCW28A.200.010 (1c) and Washington State compulsory attendance laws under RCW 28A.225.010, home-based instruction students over the age of 8 must either complete an annual standardized test or a non-standardized test assessment by a certified teacher working in the field of education. 


Can I request an annual homeschool assessment for my child who is UNDER age 8?

Yes. I assess children ages 5+ and the WIAT-III test is normed for students as young as 4. Anytime you desire more information about your child’s academic progress or want customized homeschool suggestions, you are welcome to test a younger child. 


How long does an assessment or testing take?

The WIAT-III is predominantly an untimed test. This means that I, as the proctor, move through the subtests at the speed of the child. The full testing battery takes approximately 1.5-2.5 hours to complete. The time estimate varies based on student age and general individual pacing. The WIAT-III is an excellent test for students with slower processing speeds because it allows them the time they need to best demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension. 


Do you provide non-standardized test academic assessments for homeschoolers?

Not at this time. There are many non-standardized test academic assessment options available to meet the annual requirements for home-based instruction. Summit Scholastics specializes in a unique, one-on-one, highly accurate, and comprehensive standardized testing option. I chose to focus on this type of individualized testing assessment because it is not otherwise available to homeschooling parents and because the WIAT-III provides extensive information on student academic performance. I genuinely believe that testing with the WIAT-III presents the most complete and accurate information to guide parents in making future decisions about their child’s educational options. 


Can public school or private school students request an assessment with the WIAT-III?

Yes. Any time a parent desires comprehensive information on their student’s academic performance or suspects a learning difference, they are welcome to request a full evaluation and analysis report.